Used Vehicle Registrations

We do provide as (a) first-in-country used registrations as well as (b) re-registrations inside country (change-of-ownership). Ordinary we offer basic Volume Data Reports on Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, however ready-to-use custom-made reports can also be agreed.

Volume Data Reports cover Passenger cars (M1), Light commercial vehicles (N1), Minibuses, buses & coaches (M2&M3), and Trucks & road tractors (N2&N3). Any vehicle type can be provided on model or make (brand) level by age and include vehicle category, registration status and GVW. Additional data on OVW, body type, fuel type, engine size, engine output, user/owner type (n.a. for Estonia) and region (place of registration) can be elaborated for any vehicle type while CO2 emissions – for light vehicles only. Monthly, quarterly and yearly volumes are offered. Historical data going back to 2005 are available (depending on vehicle type and country).

Reports on Mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles & quadricycles (L1-L7) as well as Trailers & semi-trailers (O1-O4) can be only had by placing separate individual orders.

  Volume Data Reports on Used Vehicle Registrations
Code Vehicle type Data level Data unit
   Current/historical data for a country:
uRPMM  Passenger cars (M1)  make & model by age  monthly
uRPMQ  quarterly
uRPMY  yearly
uRCMM  Light commercial vehicles (N1)  make & model by age  monthly
uRCMQ  quarterly
uRCMY  yearly
uRTMM  Trucks & road tractors (N2&N3)  make & model by age  monthly
uRTMQ  quarterly
uRTMY  yearly
uRBMM  Minibuses, buses & coaches (M2&M3)  make & model by age  monthly
uRBMQ  quarterly
uRBMY  yearly
  Add-ons available for the current/historical data:
uAObM  own vehicle weight (OVW)  make & model by age  monthly
uAObQ  quarterly
uAObY  yearly
uAO1M  body type*  make & model by age  monthly
uAO1Q  quarterly
uAO1Y  yearly
uAO2M  fuel type  make & model by age  monthly
uAO2Q  quarterly
uAO2Y  yearly
uAO3M  engine size  make & model by age  monthly
uAO3Q  quarterly
uAO3Y  yearly
uAO4M  engine output  make & model by age  monthly
uAO4Q  quarterly
uAO4Y  yearly
uAO5M  region (place of registration)  make & model by age  monthly
uAO5Q  quarterly
uAO5Y  yearly
uAO6M  user/owner type**  make & model by age  monthly
uAO6Q  quarterly
uAO6Y  yearly
uAO7M  CO2 emissions***  make & model by age  monthly
uAO7Q  quarterly
uAO7Y  yearly

* not available for Mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles & quadricycles; ** not available for Estonia; *** available for Passenger cars and Light commercial vehicles only