Prices, Specifications and Equipment

AV Automotive Research maintains a product database of passenger cars by-purpose. The database is a comprehensive source of data on specifications, equipment, prices and options.

Our database includes information on every version of new passenger car on sale in the Baltic States. All the product and price changes are closely monitored and the database is constantly renewed and augmented, so it is always to reflect the latest changes.

Vehicle details are available on body type, number of doors and seats, engine type, size (displacement) and output, performance data, transmission type, driven wheels, fuel type and economy, CO2 emissions, assistance systems, safety features, security features, comfort and functionality features, multimedia equipment, dimensions, GVW, OVW, wheels and tires, prices, warranties, taxes and even more.

Regular and customised Product & Price comparison analysis for selected versions is widely offered. The service is also available for light commercial vehicles by-purpose.