Other Services

Through our highly qualified and experienced professionals, AV Automotive Research is able to provide any information on the current state of distribution systems across the Baltic States and retail sales networks inside each country for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

AV Automotive Research can also provide comprehensive information on economic developments and forecasts, trade and investment, infrastructure, taxes and costs, business regulations and other country-specific factors.

Depending on the country, we also offer databases on motor vehicle users/owners. Unfortunately, following severe legislative requirements for personal data protection, only databases on juridical persons (companies and other organizations) can be offered.

  Some other services
BVS  Analysis of country-specific general business conditions
PPS  Analysis of distribution systems and retail sales networks*
ADB-F  Databases of motor vehicles** and their users/owners (juridical persons only)

* for Passenger cars and Light commercial vehicles only; ** any vehicle type (Lithuania & Latvia only)