Grafikų paveikslėlis


AV Automotive Research is a brand of automotive information services, research and consulting owned by Rinkodaros Projektai UAB. Started up back in 1994, it is now the leading supplier of automotive market intelligence in the Baltic States, covering Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We offer the most sophisticated products and services with the highest quality.

About us

We offer research of the following areas:

26th of June, 2024

Market classification

AB1. Mini & small cars
C1. Compact cars
DE1. Midsize and large cars
I1. Small crossovers & SUVs
I2a1. Compact crossovers & SUVs I2a2. Midsize crossovers & SUVs
I3a. Large crossovers & SUVs J12. Small & compact MPVs
J34. Midsize & large MPVs

BC2. Entry & compact premium cars D2. Midsize premium cars E2. Large premium cars
F. Upper premium cars G&H. Coupes, convertibles & roadsters I2b1. Small & compact premium SUVs
I2b2. Midsize premium crossovers & SUVs I3b. Large premium crossovers & SUVs I4. Luxury crossovers & SUVs

K1. Light vans
K2. Pickups
K3a. Medium vans
K3b. Heavy vans